HappyAccounts Bilingual Accounting Software

AICO Arena International Corporation

AICO Arena International Corporation was established in 1995 with headquarters in British Columbia, Canada; the subsidiary HappyAccounts Software Corp. was established in 2005 in Washington State, USA.

AICO’s flagship product HappyAccounts Bilingual Accounting Software was released in 1996.

HappyAccounts is designed to serve as a management tool that provides real time control of financials for decision making, timely follow up of sales and collections in multiple foreign currencies, inventory tracking from anywhere at anytime, instant control of payments processing, profit margin reports and many more features. Relevant information can be obtained and evaluated by managers throughout the company to help them make informed choices about how the business should be run to improve productivity.

HappyAccounts enables Chief Financial Officers to manage multiple companies and group financial data from various entities in their organization to present consolidated financial statements and reports.

A sound financial management system as HappyAccounts is key to business success, both domestically as well as worldwide.

AICO Arena International Corp. provides a complete portfolio of service and support options customized to meet our customers' current and future business needs. Our selection of services includes software maintenance and upgrades, technical support, dedicated technical account management, and much more. Our clients have the flexibility to choose the right service and support options for their business.