HappyAccounts Overview

HappyAccounts the only multi-currency bilingual accounting solution that comes in multiple language pairs: Japanese-English, Chinese-English, Spanish-English and Korean-English. Allowing standardization on one accounting system for multilingual needs.

HappyAccounts is a powerful set of bilingual financial accounting and business management applications designed to address the needs of companies that do business globally, mid-size enterprises and subsidiaries of multi-national corporations. HappyAccounts can help a wide range of businesses in a variety of scenarios such as:

  • A company in Japan may work using the Japanese interface and the parent company in another country may use the English interface and be able to view all the reports in English and Japanese. Alternatively, a Japanese company with branches in other countries can receive data from overseas and view all the reports in Japanese.

    Similarly a Chinese subsidiary may work using the Chinese interface and headquarters in another country may use the English interface and be able to view all reports in both languages.

  • HappyAccounts allows Hispanic businesses in the U.S.A. with both English and Spanish speaking employees to be more productive by enabling staff to work in their language of choice.

  • Financial institutions and other businesses that require credit analysis of customers can use the General Ledger to standardize the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. The company consolidation feature can be used to analyze groups such as consortiums.